Welcome to the Piermont Marsh

The Piermont Marsh is a brackish tidal Marsh located near Piermont, New York.  So what makes the Piermont Marsh special?  Take a look at the video below, and at the materials on this site.  You can use the menus at the top to find out more about the Marsh.  There are also three photo galleries on the site.  One of the marsh itself, one of the wildlife typically found in the Piermont Marsh, and a third with several virtual reality photos from inside and around the mash.  Try them out.  You don’t need any special equipment to experience virtual reality, but if you have a viewer for your mobile device, that will work, also.

This site was created by Jacob Tanenbaum, science and technology teacher at Cottage Lane School in Blauvelt, New York.  He is also an avid kayaker, hiker and wildlife photographer.   For more about Jacob, visit jacobtanenbaum.com.  

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